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The Sociocultural, Economic, and Political-Legal Mechanisms that Affect Museums’ Intellectual Property Management Processes

PI: Anna Pluszyńska


Intellectual property rights are organizations’ non-material resources produced within the organization or obtained from the outside (Pluszyńska 2020). For years now, the WIPO emphasizes the importance of intellectual property rights in museums and stresses the intellectual property rights’ role in the managing process (Pantalony, 2013). According to Rivette and Kline, we should view intellectual property not only as a legal tool that remains in lawyers’ domain but also as an important strategic resource of financial and competitive value (Rivette & Kline, 2000).  The project’s main goal is to draw attention to intellectual property’s role and significance in museums’ activity, learn about and evaluate museums’ previous activity in the field of managing intellectual property, and reflection about sociocultural, political-legal, and economic conditions that affect the process of managing intellectual property in museums. Knowledge of this topic is significant as it will greatly assist managers in effectively managing an area that is often overlooked due to its multifaceted and interdisciplinary nature.


  • Conducting qualitative research (in-depth, partially standardized individual interviews) with museum employees from Poland and abroad, as well as individuals cooperating with museums.
  • Integrating individual experts who deal with the topic of intellectual property and management in museum institutions.
  • Cooperating with foreign non-academic institutions and museums.
  • Preparing a co-authored scientific article about the sociocultural, economic, and political-legal mechanisms that affect museum’ intellectual property management processes.

Group members:

Maria (Maja) Drabczyk (Centrum Cyfrowe)
Konrad Gliściński (Jagiellonian University)
Anna Kościelna (National Museum in Warsaw).


  • Pantalony, R. E. (2013). Managing Intellectual Property for Museums. World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • Pluszyńska, A. (2020). Copyright Management by Contemporary Art Exhibition Institutions in Poland: Case Study of the Zachęta National Gallery of Art. Sustainability, 12(4498), 1–23.
  • Rivette, K., & Kline, D. (2000). Discovering New Value in Intellectual Property. Harvard Business Review.