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Description of the Flagship Project

The Critical Heritage Studies Hub (CHSH) emerged as an initiative bringing together representatives of various disciplines involved in heritage research at the Jagiellonian University. Being itself a part of the heritage (or in other words: an emanation) of the Excellence Initiative program, CHSH was designed to develop critical studies on heritage in close relationship with the socio-economic environment. It purposes to be a platform for creative cooperation to connect the academic community with educational institutions, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, government entities, and the business community. Its objective is to develop and strengthen the social involvement of the University in the broader social environment, thus supporting the expansion of "applied" research, and responding to the needs of the present.

Academic interest in heritage in Poland is still relatively limited compared to Western European countries. What is more, it bears the stigma of disciplinary nature, as well as a rift between between heritological theoreticians and heritage-making experts. Although increasingly significant in social, economic, and ontological terms, heritage has not been the subject of systematic studies, even though it has been the subject of brilliant studies by researchers dispersed in various other academic units.

In order to meet such needs as have been formulated over a long period of time in the environment of heritage practitioners, who are friends of the University, CHSH hopes to help develop research and development cooperation mechanisms both in the field of work with heritage issues and critical research related to the phenomenon. Since understanding isn’t possible without commitment, we cordially invite you to participate in our project. When we think about heritage, we talk about the future.

Information on activities and events implemented by CHSH can also be obtained on an ongoing basis thanks to registering to our newsletter.

And thanks to our cooperation with Cafe Nauka as part of the 'Research in Spotlight' series, members of our team: Prof Magdalena Banaszkiewicz, Dr Karolina Nikielska-Sekuła and Dr Joanna Ślaga, guide us through the meanders of cultural heritage research.

Video gallery

Dziedzictwo kulturowe - paradoks współczesności